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How many times have you sat at your desk trying to remember that SQL function you need in your code ? even worse you know the name of the function but can’t get it to work.

Simple functions such as FLOOR or ROUND tend to stick in your mind, but what about DEREF or FIRST_VALUE or RANK, these functions are in some circumstances vital to your work but what if you can’t remember them or need an example of its syntax ?

Our Oracle SQL Reference app lists all available functions, gives a concise explanation of each and at least one example of its usage, each accompanied with the output of the select statement.

The functions are listed alphabetically, but a pull down drawer splits the functions into their specific usage, therefore they are sub-grouped into the following key areas …

In addition we have added sections which our own Developers have identified as useful aids to the memory, therefore we break down the lists of Number and Date formats, list all the types of Where clauses, using aliases etc … all very useful when writing SQL and PLSQL

We offer two versions of this app, one free with adverts the other a paid version without adverts, both are the same, both work on iPhones, and all sizes of iPads, we hope you will find them useful, we do.

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