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Data Dog - The Logo.
Here at Seer Computing we feel that Business Intelligence sometimes seems to take on a will of its own, that's why we've conceived "Data Dog", a representation of the obstacles and trials faced by Companies managing a Business Intelligence strategy.

When you first start your business... your data is small and manageable.

It's cute and cuddly and you are in control.
Data in its infancy will never be a problem, this will only become evident after the data increases.
The Data will become large and overwhelming.
But as your business grows then the amount of data increases, it may even get to the stage where the amount of data is overwhelming.
It may even get to the stage where the amount of data is overwhelming
So much data, difficult to see the wood for the trees.
If the Data isnt organised it will never return the information you require.
Maybe you cant get the Information you need from your data
Maybe the Information takes too long to retrieve
Does your data take a long time to return information ?.
Can you trust your data to bring back accurate and trustworthy information.
Or maybe the Information brought back isn't what you expected
What you need to do is call Seer Computing, we've been training data for many years. We'll get your data sitting up ....
Data needs to be trained and controlled.
Seer Computing can help mould your data to your requirements.
Begging ....
and rolling over !!
Trained data will do what the owner wants.
Seer Computing can restore your confidence in your data retrieval
Seer Computing can help you with the following with your data ...
We can help you with your data cleansing ...
Data cleansing tidies the data and makes it easier to understand.
Seer Computing can help make your data easier to use, more presentable.
and advise on tidying your data and data storage
We can give you advice on Data Warehousing and Data Marts
Data Warehousing will store the data making it faster for retrieval and reporting.