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What is on-site training?

Onsite training from Seer means we deliver the latest Java, Microsoft and Oracle training courses to you at your preferred location. We handle everything from start to finish, bringing each delegate an individual machine to learn on.

All onsite training courses are delivered by skilled instructors to the highest industry standards, are hands-on and specifically tailored to your company's needs. Together, we can achieve lasting results with our onsite Java, Microsoft and Oracle Training courses, details of how to book can be found at the bottom of this page.

How flexible is on-site training?

Each onsite training course is totally customisable, courses and can be shortened or lengthened in duration according to the delegates' individual experience, backgrounds or work schedule.

All our onsite training courses can be presented at any location in the UK, Ireland and Europe commencing on days that suit you.

On-site training. The Consultant arrives at 8.15am.

Why choose on-site training?
Is public training better?

With onsite training, we do the travelling and you don't. It's all part of the service and means no unnecessary travel time for you or your colleagues and no extra budgetary burdens. Time away from current projects is minimised and your team is already in a familiar working environment which can encourage learning, and which can also bring a newfound synergy to your team.

Plus, when you have more than a few people to train, delivering on-site training can help you can reap massive savings on the total costs of going off-site or on public training courses.

I've set up an onsite training course but we've got a massive project deadline

No problem. You drive the content and timings for the duration of the course and choose your stops to fit in with your schedule, not ours.

Onsite training courses from Seer are all about flexibility as well as getting the most out of learning.

On-site training. The Laptops and Manuals are positioned on the table.

How we set up your Java, PHP or Oracle Training course

When you choose an onsite training course from the experts at Seer Computing, our set up is totally seamless. It just takes your trainer half an hour to set up the room - we just need tables, power and optionally, a flipchart.

Your Seer onsite training course means you don't have to worry about a thing - we bring all the laptops, Oracle database (when needed), top quality training manuals and materials with us, all primed and ready to get started and there are no networking security issues with our client's computer systems.

Spare machines are always brought with the
consultant for back-up.

How many people can be trained at one time?

There are no limitations to the number of people who can attend a course, but we find you will get the most out of your training if you have groups of between 1 to 12 people.

On-site training. The Laptops are networked together.

Are there any hidden costs with on-site training?

Absolutely not. When you use Seer Consulting, all our costs are 100% inclusive. No travel bills, no set-up charges.

Everything is part of the deal from the manuals to the materials, the instructor's skills to the tear down at the end of your course.

No minimum number of delegates on the course but a minimum price for a range of numbers.

How do I book a Seer Computing course?

It's simple. To book we just need a purchase order or payment by bank transfer, draft, cheque or via PayPal.

On-site training. 9am the training is ready to begin.

Contact or call +44 (0) 800 157 7519.