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Into The Storm, film review: Wafer-thin characterisation and plot quickly come apart

A series of "twisters" rip through a small Midwestern town – and a father and his two teenage sons try to make sense of their relationship as they struggle together to survive the storm. The special effects here are fine.

The Police Officer's Wife, film review: Chilling and unsettling study of domestic abuse

Told in elliptical style through a series of chapters (many only minutes or even a few moments long), this is a chilling study of domestic abuse.

Two Days, One Night, film review: Marion Cotillard embarks on a mini-Odyssey

The Dardennes' latest feature has an epic quality that belies its small-town setting. Marion Cotillard plays a young woman who has to convince her colleagues to renounce their annual bonuses so she can keep her job. This obliges her to embark on her own mini-Odyssey over a weekend, tracking down all her fellow workers and trying to persuade a majority to vote for her in the ballot determining her fate.

Lucy, film review: Scarlett Johansson will blow your mind in Luc Besson's complex thriller

A decade ago, Luc Besson seemed burned out as a film-maker. There was talk of his retirement. The director of Nikita and Léon was reduced to making animated features (the wretched Arthur and the Invisibles) and to overseeing the growth of his company EuropaCorp, a French version of a Hollywood studio that combines sales and distribution with production.

God Help The Girl, film review: Playfulness rekindles memories of French New Wave films

The occasional awkwardness of God Help the Girl is part of its considerable charm. The writer-director Stuart Murdoch (from the band Belle and Sebastian) captures the strange mix of vulnerability and arrogance that its young musician protagonists share. They want, as the bespectacled James (Olly Alexander) puts it, to "place a small flag in the timeline of pop history". They may be pretentious but they are never cynical.

Deliver Us From Evil, film review: Silly plot but Eric Bana's performance is in deadly earnest

Deliver Us from Evil is an unholy mishmash of hardboiled cop thriller, Exorcist/Omen-style horror hokum and, most bizarrely, Jim Morrison-inspired psychedelia.

The Honourable Woman, TV Review: A well-acted and timely Middle East thriller is spoilt by a crass ending

Trust was a key theme of The Honourable Woman, which concluded on BBC2 last night. No doubt you gathered as much from Nessa Stein's "Who do you trust?" monologue, which introduced every episode.

Two Days, One Night, film review:

The Dardennes' latest feature has an epic quality that belies its small-town setting. Marion Cotillard plays a young woman who has to convince her colleagues to renounce their annual bonuses so she can keep her job. This obliges her to embark on her own mini-Odyssey over a weekend, tracking down all her fellow workers and trying to persuade a majority to vote for her in the ballot determining her fate. Most are sympathetic but they have their own money struggles. The Dardennes shoot the film in their usual naturalistic, pared down style. There are frequent shots of Cotillard's Sandra sitting in buses and cars as she travels all over the suburbs. We see her standing at doorsteps, waiting patiently for her colleagues, or following them down the street. Sandra has been suffering from depression but her husband pushes her to keep on fighting for her job. The quest gives her renewed strength and self-respect. She never badgers her colleagues but states simply that her family can't survive without her salary. It's a different role from Cotillard's usual star turns but she plays it with conviction.

Film night at the museum: The allure of the world’s greatest galleries

Film-makers seem intrigued by the secret life of museums. There are a number of recent documentaries about the inner workings of these institutions. Eighty-four-year-old American auteur Frederick Wiseman, who will receive a Lifetime Achievement award at next week’s Venice Film Festival,  has just made a three hour film about London’s National Gallery. Dutch director Oeke Hoogendijk spent a full decade chronicling the multi-million pound renovation of Amsterdam’s celebrated Rijksmuseum for her epic TV series and feature doc, The New Rijksmuseum. Margy Kinmonth’s Hermitage Revealed, which tells the long and tumultuous story of the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, will be in British cinemas in early September.

Russia's Lost Princesses, TV Review

Russia's Lost Princesses on BBC2 last night told a story with a foregone conclusion. As history students know, the four daughters of Tsar Nicholas II, were killed along with their parents, their younger brother and some of their most loyal servants, at the climax of the Russian Revolution in 1918.


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CAA - News

South Wales airspace restriction in place for NATO summit

A temporary airspace restriction will be put in place around a forthcoming NATO Summit in Newport, South Wales, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced. The restriction, in place from 3 - 5 September 2014, will cover a broad area from Bristol in the east, to Bridgend in the west, and from Crickhowell in the north, to the Somerset coast in the south. The restricted area will extend from surface up to flight level 105 (around 10,000ft). The temporary airspace restriction, or RA(

Attention sun seekers! Have you packed your ATOL certificate?

Press release offering advice about the ATOL certificate

Aviation regulators launch lithium battery safety guides

A series of videos highlighting the potential fire risks to aircraft posed by the improper carriage of lithium batteries, have just been made available for the aviation industry. The videos, produced by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in association with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States, target key airline and airport staff, such as cargo handlers, check-in staff and cabin crew.

ATIPAC calls for financial protection clarity for UK holidaymakers

Press release issued on behalf of ATIPAC re their annual report

UK airports enjoy record flight punctuality for first quarter of 2014

UK airports have landed the best ever first quarter on-time performance with 84% of scheduled flights landing 'on-time'

New emergency breathing system for helicopter passengers approved

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) today announced the approval of a new enhanced emergency breathing system that will deliver improved levels of safety for offshore helicopter passengers. The move follows a series of measures announced in February to increase the safety of offshore helicopter flights. These were the outcomes of a comprehensive review of offshore helicopter operations undertaken in conjunction with the Norwegian CAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency and advised by a

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This intensive hands on Discoverer 9i Administration training course is broken down into twenty one sections and includes the following aspects:

The Discoverer End User Layer
Administrator Business Areas and Simple Folders
Administrating Oracle Discoverer
Complex and Custom Folders in Discoverer Administrator
Aggregating Data in Discoverer Administrator using Drilling and Hierarchies
Scheduling Discoverer Workbooks as the Administrator
Tuning the Discoverer End User Layer with Summaries and Materialized Views
Setting Security and Privilege in Discoverer Administrator
Routine Tasks for maintaining the End User Layer in Discoverer Administrator


There are practical and comprehensive exercises scheduled throughout the course to ensure delegates leave with a sound theoretical and practical knowledge.

The exercises include:

Creation of a Discoverer End User Layer
Simple Business Areas and Folders Creation
Setting up Users and their security in Oracle Discoverer
Creating hierarchies, joins and conditions for drilling


Three Days

Oracle Discoverer 9i Administration course details.

Oracle Discoverer 9i Administration
Training Course


Oracle Discoverer 9i Administrator governs the environment that Discoverer Users exist and operate in.

It is used to perform mandatory tasks such as creating and granting access to Business Areas.

It is also used to perform tasks such as maintaining the End User Layer and setting default item names and table characteristics.

Pre-Requisite Course(s)

Essential SQL (Optional)
Discoverer 9i Desktop

Suggested Further Course(s)


This intensive training course has a dynamic face to face, tutor led learning framework and is delivered by an experienced Oracle professional. In-depth course notes are provided in a presentation file for the delegate to use, and this becomes a valuable reference guide following the course.

On completion all delegates receive a certificate.

On Site or Off Site ?

On Site

All that we require is a private room with tables and chairs, that is large enough to comfortably hold your delegates and a tutor. We will provide each delegate with an individual laptop and all other equipment that is required.

Off Site

If you prefer instead of delivering on site we can deliver the course off site at Seer House, Swansea or we will be happy to arrange a neutral venue that is convenient for you (please be aware this will incur additional costs).

Weekday or Weekend ?

This course has the provision to be delivered over the weekend.
Ideal for your company, if you are working on projects with tight timescales or need to train employees with incredibly busy working weeks.

Standard or Customised ?

If you feel that this is not entirely suitable for your company requirements we offer the service of creating bespoke training packages. We can either customise this training to your exact company requirements or work with you to build a completely new one (please be aware this will incur additional costs).

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Please contact us on
+44 (0) 800 157 7519 or email at