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Criminal podcast, review: These skilfully shaded crime cases are such a guilty pleasure

Not long ago a friend told me she'd found the answer to the Serial-shaped hole in her life. It had arrived in the form of Criminal, a monthly US podcast that actually existed before Serial, and which now appears to fulfil the same requirement with its nuanced depictions of real-life crime.

A Place Called Winter by Patrick Gale, book review: A powerful tale of intolerance

Patrick Gale's eagerly awaited new novel is a departure in many senses. His first for Tinder Press, his first truly historical novel, it begins in Edwardian England before setting sail for the western prairies of Canada. The opening scene is striking in its brutality. A man called Harry is escorted from his room by two sinister male attendants and forcibly plunged into a bath full of water. A quotation from 1896 informs us that Turkish baths were used in the treatment of mental disorders.

Gracepoint, TV review: With a coat of American gloss, the authenticity of Broadchurch is lost

After 41 minutes of Gracepoint, all spent with an uneasy sense of whatever the more extreme version of déjà vu is called, I watched as a whale's tail disappeared into dark sea water and the credits rolled. A whale! In Dorset! Except that it wasn't Dorset, it was Northern California – filmed in British Columbia – and it was a reminder that despite this first episode being almost a shot-by-shot US remake of ITV's slow-burning, enthralling whodunit, Gracepoint is no Broadchurch. Exciting sealife aside, it's a watered-down imitation that should have been left alone.

Ryan Reynolds interview: The actor is branching out with Nazi art-theft drama Woman in Gold

Watching an actor evolve can make for fascinating viewing – sometimes proving more entertaining than their output. Take Ryan Reynolds. As he puts it, candidly, "I'd worked both successfully and very unsuccessfully in the movie-star business for a while." The highs include The Proposal, the 2009 romantic comedy co-starring Sandra Bullock that took $317m worldwide. And the lows? Green Lantern, one of the lamest superhero movies of the modern era, springs to mind.

Peter Ackroyd on Alfred Hitchcock: How London shaped the director's art and obsessions

Peter Ackroyd is London's most devoted acolyte – the cartographer of her unseen tracks, the auditor of her secret harmonies, the cardiologist of what Wordsworth called her mighty heart. He has devoted his prodigious writing career to celebrating the city in fiction, writing its "biography" as if it were a person, and inspecting the lives of its most vividly imaginative citizens. "London," he told Kirsty Young on Desert Island Discs in 2012, "has been the landscape of whatever imagination I have, all my life."

Noah and the Whale split after eight years to focus on solo projects

Noah and the Whale are splitting up to focus on solo projects after eight years in the band.

Kevin Spacey to play a man trapped in the body of a cat

Kevin Spacey is going from the Oval Office to the soul of a magical cat.

April Fools' Day 2015: From chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch to Downton Abbey's 70s spinoff - the best true stories that could have been jokes

Every year, April Fools' Day makes gullible goons of us all and today has been no different. But within the flood of fake news stories (Jeremy Clarkson becoming a 'special adviser on transport' and the public loving Katie Hopkins being two of ours), we were surprised to discover that not all the 'that has got to be a joke' articles were frauds.

Chic's Nile Rodgers took doctor's call diagnosing 'aggressive' prostate cancer then 'walked out the door to do a show'

Nile Rodgers, the legendary co-founder of Chic and who has worked with everyone from Daft Punk to David Bowie, has spoken of the moment he discovered he was suffering from “aggressive” prostate cancer, and how he dealt with it.

Game of Thrones meets Doctor Who: Actors from Maisie Williams to Mark Gatiss who travelled from Westeros to the Tardis

Whovians and Throne-heads have been rejoicing after it was announced that Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams will be starring in the new series of Doctor Who.


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CAA - News

Consultation on General Aviation rules and regulations launched

A root and branch review of many of the national rules and regulations that affect UK General Aviation (GA) is underway through a consultation on the elements in the Air Navigation Order (ANO) that affect GA. The review follows a commitment made by the CAA, in response to the Government's Red Tape Challenge, to reform the regulatory regime for the UK's GA sector. Pilot licensing, operations and airworthiness rules are covered in the consultation with a view to deregulating or delegating w

CAA launches legal action: regulator acts against three major airlines to protect UK passengers

Press release on CAA action against three airlines

CAA survey seeks passenger help to improve support for reduced mobility

CAA survey seeks passenger help to improve support for reduced mobility

Norwich controlled airspace downsized after CAA review

Following a recent review of Norwich International Airport's (NIA) controlled airspace (CAS), the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced a reduction in the size of the Class D airspace. Although acknowledging that the Control Zone (CTR) and Control Area (CTA) around Norwich were working well following their implementation in 2012, the CAA has reduced the upper level of both from FL50 (approx 5,000ft) to 4,000ft. As a result, the transition altitude above the CTR and CTA will therefore b

CAA decision on Rebalancing ATOL: Small Business ATOL retained

CAA decision on Rebalancing ATOL: Small Business ATOL retained

CAA publishes 60 day update on general aviation work

Significant progress continues to be made to make regulation of the UK's general Aviation (GA) sector more proportionate and evidence-based the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said today. In the second regular update to confirm its work in the area the CAA said that in the last 60 days it had: . Launched a formal consultation on the proposal to introduce an ICAO Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) for

Periodic weight checks for microlights to be scrapped

The requirement for microlights to be re-weighed every five years is to be removed, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed. The decision forms part of the CAA's GA Change Programme and follows a joint proposal from the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) and the Light Aircraft Association (LAA). The periodic re-weighing of microlights was introduced in the mid 1990s following mutual agreement with the then Popular Flying Association and the BMAA. The CAA has recently s

CAA outlines future plans for its Medical Dept

Following a public consultation , the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed it is committed to exploring options for the way it currently provides medical services to the aviation industry. One of the options could see the outsourcing of its AeroMedical Centre to a suitable private sector provider. No timetable has yet been set for any changes, however. In the consultation the CAA h

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This intensive hands on Discoverer 9i Administration training course is broken down into twenty one sections and includes the following aspects:

The Discoverer End User Layer
Administrator Business Areas and Simple Folders
Administrating Oracle Discoverer
Complex and Custom Folders in Discoverer Administrator
Aggregating Data in Discoverer Administrator using Drilling and Hierarchies
Scheduling Discoverer Workbooks as the Administrator
Tuning the Discoverer End User Layer with Summaries and Materialized Views
Setting Security and Privilege in Discoverer Administrator
Routine Tasks for maintaining the End User Layer in Discoverer Administrator


There are practical and comprehensive exercises scheduled throughout the course to ensure delegates leave with a sound theoretical and practical knowledge.

The exercises include:

Creation of a Discoverer End User Layer
Simple Business Areas and Folders Creation
Setting up Users and their security in Oracle Discoverer
Creating hierarchies, joins and conditions for drilling


Three Days

Oracle Discoverer 9i Administration course details.

Oracle Discoverer 9i Administration
Training Course


Oracle Discoverer 9i Administrator governs the environment that Discoverer Users exist and operate in.

It is used to perform mandatory tasks such as creating and granting access to Business Areas.

It is also used to perform tasks such as maintaining the End User Layer and setting default item names and table characteristics.

Pre-Requisite Course(s)

Essential SQL (Optional)
Discoverer 9i Desktop

Suggested Further Course(s)


This intensive training course has a dynamic face to face, tutor led learning framework and is delivered by an experienced Oracle professional. In-depth course notes are provided in a presentation file for the delegate to use, and this becomes a valuable reference guide following the course.

On completion all delegates receive a certificate.

On Site or Off Site ?

On Site

All that we require is a private room with tables and chairs, that is large enough to comfortably hold your delegates and a tutor. We will provide each delegate with an individual laptop and all other equipment that is required.

Off Site

If you prefer instead of delivering on site we can deliver the course off site at Seer House, Swansea or we will be happy to arrange a neutral venue that is convenient for you (please be aware this will incur additional costs).

Weekday or Weekend ?

This course has the provision to be delivered over the weekend.
Ideal for your company, if you are working on projects with tight timescales or need to train employees with incredibly busy working weeks.

Standard or Customised ?

If you feel that this is not entirely suitable for your company requirements we offer the service of creating bespoke training packages. We can either customise this training to your exact company requirements or work with you to build a completely new one (please be aware this will incur additional costs).

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