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Love + Radio, review: A meeting with a serial catcaller left me with mixed emotions

Mainstream radio is full of good people, or at least people trying to be good. They may be reformed or repentant, misguided but well-meaning, or simple self-appointed saints. But the airwaves are, for the most part, full of people offering up their best side and hoping against hope that you and I will like them.

An Untamed State by Roxane Gay, book review: Fairy-tale feminist riff on kidnap and redemption

Corsair £14.99. Order for £13.49 (free p&p) from the Independent Bookshop: 08430 600 030

Churchill: The Nation's Farewell BBC1, TV review: Victory for Paxman and the absorbing, revealing tale of Churchill's last days

When we venerate Winston Churchill, are we in fact venerating a time when Britain sat at the top of the world's table, with the big man himself at the head, on his 18th cigar of the day and necking his pint of Pol Roger? That was the question asked, sort of, by Jeremy Paxman – now a freelance hellraiser untethered by the constraints of Newsnight – in Churchill: The Nation's Farewell. The film was rather unusual in that rather than being a hagiography or even a critical history, it was the story of the former Prime Minister's very last years and the state funeral he was afforded.

English Heritage adds 14 post-war office buildings to its protected lists

"It's one of the more daring buildings in the City, one of the more assertive," says Roger Bowdler. With his jacket and Likely Lads grin, he looks like an architect from the 1970s. Which is appropriate, because we're standing, looking up at 30 Cannon Street. Built as an outpost of French bank Credit Lyonnais in 1977, it was the first building in Britain to use glass-reinforced cement.

Larry David, Steve Coogan and other comedians share stories of depression in new documentary

Kevin Pollak, the director of new documentary Misery Loves Comedy, says: "I'm paraphrasing, but Friends actor Matthew Perry told me during filming, 'Comedians don't have a franchise on misery and loneliness.' But they do have a pretty good corner on the market."

Baftas poach Kasabian to open show after Brit Awards snub rockers

Awards season has begun and the rivalry isn’t just between the nominees. The Baftas have stolen a march on the Brit Awards by signing up Kasabian to perform, after the rock band was snubbed by the music industry’s annual showcase.

Wolf Hall, Entirely Beloved TV review: Like Game of Thrones, but without the dragons or White Walkers

If last week was the start of this delicate and dangerous game of chess, the players merely assembled and ready, then tonight they begin to make their first moves. Just one step wrong and that could be the end - much like Cardinal Wolsey (Jonathan Pryce) who ends up dead leaving Thomas Cromwell (Mark Rylance) to find a new master in Henry VIII (Damien Lewis).

World War Z author Max Brooks honours WW1's Harlem Hellfighters in new graphic novel

The US 369th Infantry Regiment was the first Allied unit to reach the Rhine as the First World War came to an end in 1918. Its soldiers had spent 191 days in combat, more than any other American troops. Nicknamed the "Harlem Hellfighters" by the Germans, they were one of the most decorated units in the American Expeditionary Force. And yet, in the years that followed, they were all but forgotten by the American people. Why? Because they were black.

The Hard Problem, theatre review: Nicholas Hytner's final production for the National is a disappointment

Tom Stoppard's first new stage play in 9 years; Nicholas Hytner's last production as a great artistic director of the National Theatre. I wish I could say that The Hard Problem rises triumphantly to this hotly anticipated occasion. In truth, though, it's a bit of a disappointment.

Has The Archers lost the plot with it's spicy storylines?

It is a convention of a long-running drama series that each programme begins with a reminder of what's already happened. So, imagine this one (spoken in portentous tones)... Previously on The Archers: Eddie Grundy milks a cow, there's a crumpet under the grill at Lower Loxley Farm and Tom is having a crisis with his sausages. Since New Year's Day, 1951, there have been 17,575 episodes of The Archers and, for many of them, the events listed above (none of which I believe has actually happened) are about as exciting as things ever got in the fictitious village of Ambridge. It was originally billed as "an everyday story of country folk", and it has gloried in both the everyday and the folksy.


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On-Site Training - Have wheels will travel !!
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CAA - News

CAA reports on progress to improve safety of offshore helicopter operations

. safety of those who rely on offshore helicopter flights is our absolute priority . significant safety improvements made but more to do Substantial progress has been made on measures to improve offshore helicopter safety but there is still more to do, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said today as it published a progress report on the recommendations and actions from its comprehensive review of offshore helicopter operations from February 2014.

Collapse of travel company provides timely reminder to check for ATOL protection

Airliner Ltd collapse

CAA confirms permanent 'listening out squawk' for Glasgow

Following their successful implementation in other parts of the country, a 'listening out squawk' covering Glasgow Airport is to be implemented, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) confirmed today. The squawk will become permanent on 2 April 2015 and will become the twelfth such code in operation in the UK. Listening out squawks, officially known as Frequency Monitoring Codes, have played a vital role in reducing infringements of controlled airspace by enabling air traffic controllers to

CAA publishes decisions on economic regulation of NATS' en route air navigation charges

Press release on economic regulation of NATS' en route service

CAA announces four new members of ATIPAC

News story on appointments to the ATIPAC committee

Flight punctuality at UK airports falls in third quarter of 2014

Flight punctuality at UK airports falls in third quarter of 2014

CAA publishes 60 day update on General Aviation work

Significant progress has been made in 2014 to make regulation of the UK's General Aviation (GA) sector more proportionate and evidence-based the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said today.

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This intensive hands on Discoverer 9i Administration training course is broken down into twenty one sections and includes the following aspects:

The Discoverer End User Layer
Administrator Business Areas and Simple Folders
Administrating Oracle Discoverer
Complex and Custom Folders in Discoverer Administrator
Aggregating Data in Discoverer Administrator using Drilling and Hierarchies
Scheduling Discoverer Workbooks as the Administrator
Tuning the Discoverer End User Layer with Summaries and Materialized Views
Setting Security and Privilege in Discoverer Administrator
Routine Tasks for maintaining the End User Layer in Discoverer Administrator


There are practical and comprehensive exercises scheduled throughout the course to ensure delegates leave with a sound theoretical and practical knowledge.

The exercises include:

Creation of a Discoverer End User Layer
Simple Business Areas and Folders Creation
Setting up Users and their security in Oracle Discoverer
Creating hierarchies, joins and conditions for drilling


Three Days

Oracle Discoverer 9i Administration course details.

Oracle Discoverer 9i Administration
Training Course


Oracle Discoverer 9i Administrator governs the environment that Discoverer Users exist and operate in.

It is used to perform mandatory tasks such as creating and granting access to Business Areas.

It is also used to perform tasks such as maintaining the End User Layer and setting default item names and table characteristics.

Pre-Requisite Course(s)

Essential SQL (Optional)
Discoverer 9i Desktop

Suggested Further Course(s)


This intensive training course has a dynamic face to face, tutor led learning framework and is delivered by an experienced Oracle professional. In-depth course notes are provided in a presentation file for the delegate to use, and this becomes a valuable reference guide following the course.

On completion all delegates receive a certificate.

On Site or Off Site ?

On Site

All that we require is a private room with tables and chairs, that is large enough to comfortably hold your delegates and a tutor. We will provide each delegate with an individual laptop and all other equipment that is required.

Off Site

If you prefer instead of delivering on site we can deliver the course off site at Seer House, Swansea or we will be happy to arrange a neutral venue that is convenient for you (please be aware this will incur additional costs).

Weekday or Weekend ?

This course has the provision to be delivered over the weekend.
Ideal for your company, if you are working on projects with tight timescales or need to train employees with incredibly busy working weeks.

Standard or Customised ?

If you feel that this is not entirely suitable for your company requirements we offer the service of creating bespoke training packages. We can either customise this training to your exact company requirements or work with you to build a completely new one (please be aware this will incur additional costs).

Contact Details

Please contact us on
+44 (0) 800 157 7519 or email at