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I Am Ali, film review: The legendary boxer is still the greatest, even in a flyweight film

Muhammad Ali books, articles and films constitute a mini-genre in their own right. Heavyweight authors and journalists from George Plimpton and Norman Mailer to Gay Talese, David Remnick, Thomas Hauser and Hugh McIlvanney have written extensively about him. There have been several biopics (including 1977's The Greatest, in which the boxer played himself in very arch fashion, and Michael Mann's Ali from 2001, in which he was played by Will Smith) and documentaries about his most famous bouts. Most recently, Ang Lee has been developing a 3D movie about Ali's 1975 fight with Joe Frazier, the so-called "Thrilla in Manila".

Cuba set to stage its first US musical in 50 years

It's fair to say that Havana won't have seen anything like it. On Christmas Eve, a new production of Rent – the smash hit, Pulitzer and Tony award-winning musical about drag queens, homelessness, homosexuality and Aids in Alphabet City, New York – will open at the Bertolt Brecht Theatre in Havana for a three-month run.

The Fall, series 2, episode 3 – TV review: It’s starting to push the realms of plausibility, but who cares?

Just when you think that DCI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) has nearly caught her man, the makers of The Fall throw a spanner in the works.

The Fall, series 2, episode 3 – TV review: It’s starting to push the realms of plausibility, but who cares

Just when you think that DCI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) has nearly caught her man, the makers of The Fall throw a spanner in the works.

Harold Pinter’s archive had British Library stumped – until it turned to Wisden

Previously unpublished letters written by a young Harold Pinter showing the depth of his personal ambition and early devotion to Samuel Beckett have come to light – but could only be dated thanks to his detailed accounts of county cricket matches.

PD James dead: A crime writer who transcended her genre

With the death aged 94 of PD James, the country she loved and served says farewell to a cherished and prolific writer of crime fiction whose talent and insight often broke through the boundaries of her genre.

PD James appreciation: She shot from poverty to the peerage – but remained down-to-earth

Whether it was she or her friend Ruth Rendell who best deserved the title “Queen of Crime,” there was definitely something regal about PD James. She was a Baroness, she often lunched with the Queen and her books were always among the small pile of reading material sent to beguile the royal family on their holidays. She always carried herself with serene dignity. But it never, thank goodness, went to her head. She was far too down-to-earth to succumb to grandeur. She positively wriggled with embarrassment if you called her by her title. “Don’t bother with that nonsense,” she’d say. “Call me Phyllis.”

Historical fiction round-up: Spin-offs open a worthy new chapter for the Brontës

Spin-offs are my least favourite form of literature – they usually mean that the authors can't produce original work so they just live off other writers' backs – but two offerings from the depths of Brontë gloom certainly warrant retrieval from the junk pile.

Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A Heinlein, book of a lifetime

I have etched into my psyche an obsession with books that began in my childhood growing up in Iraq in the 60s and 70s. For an obsessive reader like me it was hard to get hold of enough English books, so one of my favourite places in all the world was the small library at the British Council in Baghdad where I'd go with my mother and siblings as often as possible to borrow books, hoping that a new shipment had come in so that I might find a new world to immerse myself in.

Islam and Nazi Germany's war by David Motadel, book review: How Muslims were lured to the Nazi cause

While on holiday in Berlin, the German diplomat, Eberhard von Stohrer, decided to spend his time thinking about the Muslim world. He had served as an ambassador in Cairo, where he observed that by fighting Britain and France, Germany had gained an "outstanding position" in the "eyes of the Muslims". It was time to cement the relationship between Islam and National Socialist ideology.


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CAA - News

CAA publishes GA policy framework

Following a wide consultation the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published its finalised policy framework for General Aviation (GA) regulation.


Press release on guidance on fuel for light aircraft

New guidance launched to help UK airports deal with disruption

Press release on the CAA's resilience guidance for airports

Guidance on restoring vintage aircraft issued by CAA

Advice on restoring, or rebuilding, historic and ex-military aircraft has been released by the UK Civil Aviation Authority's General Aviation Unit. The guidance has been compiled from a number of existing CAA sources to create a 'one-stop-shop' webpage containing everything a vintage aircraft owner needs to know when starting a restoration project. The information, which only covers aircraft on Permits to Fl

New approval granted for microlight company

For the first time under a new authorisation system, a microlight manufacturer has been given design, production and flight test approval by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The move will allow the Light Aircraft Company (TLAC) to sell its aircraft as finished 'factory-built' types - previously, the company, based at Little Snoring airfield in Norfolk, could only sell its products as amateur-build kits. The CAA said that the TLAC approval is the latest element in CAA's wider GA Programm

CAA announces delay to full introduction of Standardised European Rules of the Air

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) today confirmed that the UK implementation of significant elements of the European Union's Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) has been delayed. As a result, there will be no changes to the UK Rules of the Air stemming from SERA that will impact UK pilots. The changes to be introduced on 4 December 2014 resulting from SERA will only be those that replicate existing UK rules. The decision has been prompted by concerns over the impact of the changes

'Proof of concept' rule change could boost UK experimental aircraft design

A proposal to simplify the initial testing process for experimental aircraft in the UK will benefit small-scale aircraft designers and manufacturers, as well as encouraging the growth of aerospace excellence in new design concepts. The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has launched a consultation aimed at reducing the red tape and financial burdens associated with securing airworthiness and operational approval for

New training techniques to tackle human factors

An initiative to improve 'crew resource management' (CRM) in the aviation industry was launched earlier today with the release of open-access training videos aimed at tackling human factors issues in the cockpit. CRM is the name given to the training techniques used to address potential situations where human error may cause aviation incidents or accidents. The release of the videos [insert link] by the UK Civil Av

CAA announces new members of ATIPAC

Press notice on appointments to ATIPAC

CAA calls on airlines to comply with the law following Supreme Court decisions on flight delay cases

CAA statement on Supreme Court rulings on flight delay compensation cases

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This intensive hands on Discoverer 9i Administration training course is broken down into twenty one sections and includes the following aspects:

The Discoverer End User Layer
Administrator Business Areas and Simple Folders
Administrating Oracle Discoverer
Complex and Custom Folders in Discoverer Administrator
Aggregating Data in Discoverer Administrator using Drilling and Hierarchies
Scheduling Discoverer Workbooks as the Administrator
Tuning the Discoverer End User Layer with Summaries and Materialized Views
Setting Security and Privilege in Discoverer Administrator
Routine Tasks for maintaining the End User Layer in Discoverer Administrator


There are practical and comprehensive exercises scheduled throughout the course to ensure delegates leave with a sound theoretical and practical knowledge.

The exercises include:

Creation of a Discoverer End User Layer
Simple Business Areas and Folders Creation
Setting up Users and their security in Oracle Discoverer
Creating hierarchies, joins and conditions for drilling


Three Days

Oracle Discoverer 9i Administration course details.

Oracle Discoverer 9i Administration
Training Course


Oracle Discoverer 9i Administrator governs the environment that Discoverer Users exist and operate in.

It is used to perform mandatory tasks such as creating and granting access to Business Areas.

It is also used to perform tasks such as maintaining the End User Layer and setting default item names and table characteristics.

Pre-Requisite Course(s)

Essential SQL (Optional)
Discoverer 9i Desktop

Suggested Further Course(s)


This intensive training course has a dynamic face to face, tutor led learning framework and is delivered by an experienced Oracle professional. In-depth course notes are provided in a presentation file for the delegate to use, and this becomes a valuable reference guide following the course.

On completion all delegates receive a certificate.

On Site or Off Site ?

On Site

All that we require is a private room with tables and chairs, that is large enough to comfortably hold your delegates and a tutor. We will provide each delegate with an individual laptop and all other equipment that is required.

Off Site

If you prefer instead of delivering on site we can deliver the course off site at Seer House, Swansea or we will be happy to arrange a neutral venue that is convenient for you (please be aware this will incur additional costs).

Weekday or Weekend ?

This course has the provision to be delivered over the weekend.
Ideal for your company, if you are working on projects with tight timescales or need to train employees with incredibly busy working weeks.

Standard or Customised ?

If you feel that this is not entirely suitable for your company requirements we offer the service of creating bespoke training packages. We can either customise this training to your exact company requirements or work with you to build a completely new one (please be aware this will incur additional costs).

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+44 (0) 800 157 7519 or email at