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Inside Television: What to watch on Halloween

By rights Halloween should compete with Christmas as the top TV occasion of the year. It falls at a time when sensible people prefer to cosy up indoors and - though it’s rarely intentional - no one does creepy and unnerving quite like TV’s 'shiny floor show' institutions.

Best horror films of all time

While many would cite The Exorcist as one of their favourite horror films, it fails to terrorise on the same psychological level as other movies.

Drive re-scored by Radio - review: Ryan Gosling is still there, but it's a very different film

Judging by the confusion and dismay on Twitter last week, you'd have thought Zane Lowe had just announced that he was planning a shot-for-shot remake of Citizen Kane with Jason Statham in the lead; or re-mixing OK Computer using only fart sounds.

Detectorists, TV review: Mackenzie Crook's sitcom has saved its sparkliest treasures for those who stick around to earn them

The BBC4 sitcom Detectorists requires some patience, but once we got over the fact that Gareth from The Office actually has a girlfriend, it has turned out to be one of the best new sitcoms of the year.

24 Hours in A&E, TV review: From a sewing needle to car crashes, all human trauma is here

Six series of the Channel 4 documentary 24 Hours in A&E have taken place at King's College hospital but for the seventh series, which began last night, the camera crew moved a few miles south to a brand new London location, St George's in Tooting. There, they've recently opened the capital's second hospital helipad, and that's not all: the A&E also boasts the expertise of hunky trauma doctor Mo. If he can't get your heart started again, viewers, nothing will.

The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman, film review: Wildly eccentric love story/thriller is a weird and self-indulgent affair

Fredrik Bond's hyper-stylised and wildly eccentric love story/thriller plays like a glorified pop promo or one of those upmarket lager commercials. It's an exercise in narcissistic posturing. Its plotting seems random. On the credit side, the film is often funny, although it is hard to say whether this is intentional or not.

Horns, film review: Daniel Radcliffe shows his versatility in this sprawling, wildly uneven film

Alexandre Aja's sprawling, wildly uneven film suffers from its continual shifts in storytelling style. It's at its best as a Twin Peaks-style mystery with supernatural elements.

Ouija, film review: Slick but utterly formulaic Halloween movie offers an array of shock tactics

Stiles White's slickly made horror pic Ouija is already a box-office hit in the US. Teenagers looking for a Halloween movie with plenty of thrills and goosebumps moments will probably be satisfied with its array of shock tactics.

Mr Turner, film review: Brushstrokes of genius from Timothy Spall as an old master

Mike Leigh's biopic is a rambling, richly detailed character study with a magnificent central performance from Timothy Spall. This may be 19th-century costume fare but it is made with the same precise attention to its protagonists' yearnings and comic foibles as we find in Leigh's contemporary dramas with Spall, whether Secrets and Lies or his woefully underrated All Or Nothing.

The Overnighters, film review: Superb documentary highlights plight of unemployed Americans seeking work in fracking industry

Jesse Moss's superb documentary works on two very different levels. On the one hand, it's a crusading social drama, highlighting the desperate plight of the unemployed Americans who flock to North Dakota in the hope of finding work in the fracking industry.


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CAA - News

Lonely Planet? Almost half fly alone and few get waved off

The CAA's 2013 Passenger Survey Report has been published. This press release highlights its many findings

Red tape slashed for non-EASA aircraft modifications

The need for UK regulatory validation for airworthiness design changes, originally approved overseas, to a range of UK-registered aircraft types is to be scrapped, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced. Owners and operators of 'Annex 2' aircraft, such as ex-military and vintage types eligible for a Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA), can now install any minor modification or change supported by a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that was approved by a state with which the UK ho

Future of aviation medical services under examination

The provision of medical services to the aviation industry will be the subject of a wide-ranging consultation the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced. The consultation will focus on several proposed options of how services, such as the medical assessment of pilots, and airline personnel, currently provided by the CAA, should be delivered in future and whether there should be a separation between service provider and regulator. The CAA's M

CAA announces firework display location guide for pilots

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has once again launched a dedicated webpage informing pilots of large firework displays which may affect their flight. The web-based notification system was first introduced last year. It aims to provide pilots with a simple means of locating details of firework displays, helping them to avoid potential hazards by ensuring all the information they need is available in one place. This will reduce the need for the large number of individual firework displ

Air Navigation Order goes under the microscope

A 'root and branch' review of how the UK's Air Navigation Order (ANO) impacts on general aviation (GA) has begun, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) confirmed today. The wide-ranging review will look at how a more proportionate and lighter touch regulation for general aviation can be achieved. The review follows a commitment made by the CAA in response to the Government's Red Tape Challenge last year - which committed the CAA to reforming the regulatory regime for the UK's GA sector.

Delay to flight training school transition deadline announced

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requirement for all Registered Training Facilities (RTF) providing private pilot training, to become Approved Training Organisations (ATO), will be postponed, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed. The Aircrew Regulation requires all pilot training leading to an EASA flight crew licence, to take place from an ATO. Implementation of the requirement for RTFs will now be deferred to April 2018, following a decision made on 9 October 2014 by

Ground Control to GA: 'come and see what we do' - Visit ATC Day is here again

Civil air traffic controllers from around the country will be throwing open the doors of their control towers over the next month, as part of the annual 'Visit ATC Day' initiative. As part of the project GA pilots are invited to take a tour of their local air traffic control unit to see life from the other end of the radio. The Airspace & Safety Initiative (ASI) which helps co-ordinate Visit ATC Day has now released details of this year's participating units. Pilots curious to see life from a

CAA launches call for evidence on terminal air navigation services in the UK

CAA launches call for evidence on terminal air navigation services in the UK

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This intensive hands on Discoverer 9i Administration training course is broken down into twenty one sections and includes the following aspects:

The Discoverer End User Layer
Administrator Business Areas and Simple Folders
Administrating Oracle Discoverer
Complex and Custom Folders in Discoverer Administrator
Aggregating Data in Discoverer Administrator using Drilling and Hierarchies
Scheduling Discoverer Workbooks as the Administrator
Tuning the Discoverer End User Layer with Summaries and Materialized Views
Setting Security and Privilege in Discoverer Administrator
Routine Tasks for maintaining the End User Layer in Discoverer Administrator


There are practical and comprehensive exercises scheduled throughout the course to ensure delegates leave with a sound theoretical and practical knowledge.

The exercises include:

Creation of a Discoverer End User Layer
Simple Business Areas and Folders Creation
Setting up Users and their security in Oracle Discoverer
Creating hierarchies, joins and conditions for drilling


Three Days

Oracle Discoverer 9i Administration course details.

Oracle Discoverer 9i Administration
Training Course


Oracle Discoverer 9i Administrator governs the environment that Discoverer Users exist and operate in.

It is used to perform mandatory tasks such as creating and granting access to Business Areas.

It is also used to perform tasks such as maintaining the End User Layer and setting default item names and table characteristics.

Pre-Requisite Course(s)

Essential SQL (Optional)
Discoverer 9i Desktop

Suggested Further Course(s)


This intensive training course has a dynamic face to face, tutor led learning framework and is delivered by an experienced Oracle professional. In-depth course notes are provided in a presentation file for the delegate to use, and this becomes a valuable reference guide following the course.

On completion all delegates receive a certificate.

On Site or Off Site ?

On Site

All that we require is a private room with tables and chairs, that is large enough to comfortably hold your delegates and a tutor. We will provide each delegate with an individual laptop and all other equipment that is required.

Off Site

If you prefer instead of delivering on site we can deliver the course off site at Seer House, Swansea or we will be happy to arrange a neutral venue that is convenient for you (please be aware this will incur additional costs).

Weekday or Weekend ?

This course has the provision to be delivered over the weekend.
Ideal for your company, if you are working on projects with tight timescales or need to train employees with incredibly busy working weeks.

Standard or Customised ?

If you feel that this is not entirely suitable for your company requirements we offer the service of creating bespoke training packages. We can either customise this training to your exact company requirements or work with you to build a completely new one (please be aware this will incur additional costs).

Contact Details

Please contact us on
+44 (0) 800 157 7519 or email at