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The complex world of Oracle Discoverer

When it comes to tackling the complexities of Oracle Discoverer, Oracle's in-house ad-hoc query software, Seer Computing is here to help. From Administrators to End Users, we provide resources, training and practical guidance to help you get the most out of your product.

What is Oracle Discoverer?

Discoverer allows the ordinary user to extract data from your Oracle database without the need to know complicated SQL and PLSQL programming languages. It frees up valuable time for your IT resource as end users can access and change the data they see in a variety of different ways, from order and colour, to complex data manipulation and filtering. This all within an Excel-style spreadsheet.

Typical Oracle Discoverer users are businesses that have a business need to provide data for the end user, so reports can be pulled without extra workload.

Oracle Discoverer from the ground up

Seer works with Companies to provide initial set-up and configuration and can advise on security issues and maintenance at any time in your database lifecycle. With a team of expert Consultants, calling on Seer Computing means no more agencies as we come in-house to build End User Layers to your timescale. We can also offer short-term development resource. If you'd like to know more about in-house Discoverer development, click here to email us.

Thinking of using Oracle Discoverer?

Call us now to set up a totally impartial demonstration where we come to you to demonstrate the product and its toolsets, and talk to you about its implementation and infrastructure.

How Seer can help improve your usage of Oracle Discoverer?

From upgrading to newer versions, replacing report modules to developing your end user layer to perfectly suit your business, we also provide comprehensive Administrator training. Browse the sections below to see how using Seer Computing can help your business.

Need to upgrade an older version of Discoverer?

We can convert from versions 3.1, 4i, 9i, 10g to the latest Discoverer 11g, including upgrading the End User Layer and existing Workbooks. In addition, Seer Computing, can develop a rollout strategy that suits your timescale and needs, including upgrading the End User Layer and existing Workbooks.

Considering using Discoverer as a replacement to report modules?

We can create template forms based on existing reports for clients to rollout to the users.

Do you need to develop an End User Layer?

The EUL is the backbone of the Discoverer product and can be difficult to set up, call on us for expert consultancy on good configuration and maintenance routines.

Need to create a series of template Discoverer Workbooks?

Working as your consultancy, we build a series of Workbooks based on your exact requirements or on existing reports.

Need to tune your End User Layer?

We help you develop an existing EUL to make it run efficiently, producing the required results.

Need to create complex Calculations and Database Functions?

We can help you build database procedures that can be used in the EUL to increase workbooks' accuracy and efficacy.

Need help and support for your End User Layer?

Seer can perform regular, scheduled checks to make sure it is still current and suitable for your business needs.

Need Administrator training?

Visit our dedicated Oracle and Discoverer Training page here to take a look at how can we can support users, developers and administrators.

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Email us at enquiries@seercomputing.com or call us on +44 (0) 800 157 7519.

We're here to get your requirement right. You'll get same day quote request returns and a guarantee that we don't badger you about any enquiry.

We love Discoverer so much we've written a white paper on it. Take a look at our Discovering Discoverer White Paper by clicking here.