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For many years we have specialised in Databases; Database design, Database implementation and Database interfaces, as well as Consultancy in these areas, we added training for people needing to understand the fundamentals of design, normalisation and data extraction, originally most of the training was in Oracle Databases, beginning with SQL and working up to Oracle Database Administration.

Our Oracle training courses range from the Essential SQL and PLSQL courses, through all versions of Discoverer Desktop, Administrator and Plus, Oracle Forms and Reports (from 6i to 11g) and also SQL Developer training, couple these with our Oracle Database consultancy and we are a excellent choice for all of your Oracle needs in the UK and Ireland.

Long before Oracle purchased Java we were developing Java front ends to work with Oracle Databases, so it seems only natural that we added a five day Java Programming course, coupled with that an additional five day training course for Java Swing development.

As IT systems developed so did Seer Computing, most of our clients had a whole range of different systems performing specific roles within their Organisations, a lot didn't want the overheads of the ultimate Oracle database so they turned to smaller, cheaper, easier to maintain Databases such as MySQL, it was only logical for us to help them focus using this Database so we increased our portfolio of products and training to include PHP, MySQL and MariaDB courses, ironically Oracle eventually buying MySQL to include it within their range of Databases and utilities.

In recent years Seer Computing has moved into App Development, quite logically we started with utility Apps which help us with our Database development and our training courses, Apps such as SQL Functions, PHP Functions etc ... we began with Android development, they are built using the Android Studio software but more importantly the interface uses Java coding and XML structures. iOS was a bit more of a learning curve, its built using the XCode software and we use the Swift software with a smattering of Objective-C when its needed.

If you have a need for an App, contact us we can help you get started or just leave the development to us for you to concentrate on the content.

There's one other Database we haven't mentioned ... SQLite, when we started creating Apps it became obvious that our skills in Databases would be essential if we were to offer dynamic information Apps, both platforms for Apps use SQLite, so we use that and we have also developed a course in it.

All of our courses are available at your venue (on-site), in addition we have selected a number of the most popular ones and they are held as public courses throughout the year, throughout the UK and Ireland, they are generally held at Conference centres in the centre of the city, with ample parking, each course member will have their individual workstation with their own set of manuals, course numbers are kept to a maximum of six and discounts are available for block bookings.

Ana Chidzoy's A-Z of Yoga

One of our latest Apps is a breakdown of 150 Yoga poses written by Yoga instructor Ana Chidzoy

Organised alphabetically, each pose is illustrated and described in depth by Ana

More Apps to come throughout 2018 and beyond ...

click here for more details ...

Yoga postures and exercises, fully illustrated
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On-Site training - Have wheels will travel ...

We have completely portable training labs which we can set up in less than an hour of arriving at your site.

Each delegate gets an individual machine linked to our network, we dont use any of your equipment or your wifi, we are totally independent and outside your firewalls

On-site will make sense to your Company if you have more than one delegate for the training, if you have staff who might be needed during the day in the office or if the travelling costs are prohibitive to send a lot of delegates to one of our public courses.

All of our courses are available on-site,
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Public Training Courses in UK and Ireland

Our public training courses take place in all major cities across the UK, Ireland and Europe, from London to Edinburgh, Birmingham to Dublin.

The courses are limited to a maximum class number of six to get the most out of each session. If you'd like to find out more about our Public training courses, click here. As well as on-site we put on public training courses all over the UK and Ireland

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