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ReAct funding and Seer Computing

Seer Computing is pleased to be associated with the ReAct II funding initiative in Wales and offers many of its courses to people eligible for the ReAct II funding.

What is ReAct?

ReAct is a funding initiative for people who are facing redundancy or have been made redundant in the last 6 months, and can fund training appropriate for future employment up to the value of £1500. If you want to learn more about React II, please go to the Welsh Government website here.

Am I eligible for ReAct?

You will need to contact Careers Wales to find out whether you are eligible, Seer Computing cannot make that decision only help you once it has been decided you are eligible. Again the Welsh Government website has a useful page explaining the process, please go here.

Is Seer Computing the only Company offering ReAct?

No it isnt, find out whether you are eligible for the funding first, then you need to decide what training you need to make you more attractive to a potential employer. If you need help on this our Training Consultants can help guide you, even if it means you going elsewhere to other suppliers of training.

The Careers Wales website has a very useful search facility for training, please go there if you need to find a course we dont provide or even to check out our competition.

This link takes you direct to the search training page.

What are the best courses for me to take using the ReAct funding?

That depends on the direction you see your life going, Seer Computing is an IT training consultancy and therefore can only advise you about matters in Computing, if you wish to pursue a career in Horticulture for example, we are not the best people to talk to !!

How do I book courses with Seer Computing using ReAct?

ReAct works slightly different to other means of booking courses with us, you will first need to agree with Careers Wales that ReAct funding is available, they will then forward you a number of easy to complete forms, these are then completed with the help of the training provider you have picked, if thats us you can come to our offices and over a cup of tea or coffee we will agree a start date for the training and discuss its content. Once these forms are complete you need to return them to the ReAct offices and they will contact you and us that the training can go ahead, this process takes about a week so the training should be planned three weeks in advance. Seer Computing cannot start the training until the funding has been approved

Are ReAct courses different from Seer Computing's normal courses?

No, they are no different from the courses we give throughout the UK and Ireland, you will receive the same high quality training with the same Consultants who take the courses for our Business clients who range from major Banks to local Councils.

You will be provided with our comprehensive training manual which is yours to take with you after the course has completed and is a source of information for years to come.

What courses would you recommend with Seer Computing?

Any of our courses can be taken with React II funding, however, the following courses can maximise your chances of a career in Computing ...

Oracle Essential SQL and PLSQL


Java 17 Programming

Each is five days duration.

What do I do after a ReAct course with Seer Computing?

Well thats entirely up to you, we can only teach you how to program, its up to you to sell yourself, recent training in PHP, Oracle or Java is of interest to most IT employers, you will need to get out there and update your CV, we can support by offering potential employers a precis of your time with us and encourage you by providing mock technical questions typically asked in a job interview.

Please mention you are eligible for a ReAct course when requesting details with us

Training EnquiryClick to send us a enquiry about our training courses
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