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Analysis of your Data

Your Data is our Business

You spend lots of time, money and resource collecting it. You store it. You use it. It's your company's lifeline. You base projections on it, make business decisions on the basis of it. But, do you know the condition of it and what it could really achieve for you? If you can answer no to any of those questions, we can help.

If you have data, you need Data Coach

From SME's to start-ups, multi-national conglomerates to global brands, Data Coach gets your data fit for business.

Tell us how you run your business and we'll help you find out how your business is running.

Take control of your data

Data Coach is a team of specialist consultants who help businesses realise the full potential and true value of their business information systems and management information. Drawing together a company's dataflow, we specify and develop usage and future performance strategies, help to restore confidence in the quality of your data, and tell you how it can make more effective business decisions and increase fiscal success. Whether you're working with a legacy system or a complete re-focus, it's time to call on the Data Coach.

What do we do?

We work with businesses across the UK and Europe. With simple single day charging through to generous block-booking discounts, call in the coaching experts and we'll help you take control of your data.

Data Coaching is about us analysing your current situation, mapping the data flows, inputs, outputs and processes, highlighting the bottlenecks, inconsistencies and anomalies. Researching the data stores, paper or electronic, we develop a bespoke strategy to improve usage, discard any redundant data and increase ROI.

The Company You Keep

One of your greatest assets is the data you own. Internal and external, information, valuable customer insight, spend and forecasting, sales, marketing, auditing, procurement, product information, accounting, human resources, Research and Development - you name it, we're all dependent on it, and chances are it's in poor condition.

Get the bigger data picture

Legacy systems, staff changes, site growth, mergers, credit systems - data has an expiry date. It's held across sites, servers and systems for months, years, decades and more and it can be impossible to create an accurate holistic business picture. But it's this picture that's so vital for business in today's environment. Data Coach helps you get the bigger picture. Using independent analysis, we highlight problem areas and target specific business issues so you can:

Why get data coaching?

Whatever system you use, you need data that's up-to-date, reliable, accurate and you want to be confident a team can rely on it to make sound business decisions. Together, we can help you to:

The next business decision

See how we can help you by browsing our dedicated data pages, and contact us for more information on pricing and how to set up your bespoke data coaching session.

Putting the data in front

Combat data sprawl with effective Data Warehousing from Data Coach. We can help you on a variety of different projects, across a broad business spectrum. If you need help assessing required reports, expected data granularity, time and access response issues, talk to us.

In principle, the concept of Data Warehousing is very simple. We bring together company data, refine it and put it into an area which is easy to access and easy to understand.

In reality, Data Warehousing can be a very difficult project to create and manage, each has different and unexpected obstacles crop up that need to be resolved.

Need help stemming the flow of data sprawl?

Think of us as your data triage.

Time ebbing away?

Hand it to the data warehousing experts, we'll have your data sorted in no time.

Need accurate and reliable information?

Data Coach creates and designs specific, bespoke and easy to use Data Warehouse systems for business.

Browse our examples below for some of the reasons to choose a data warehousing solution:

Putting a name to the Data

Too frequently, any kind of system documentation or data maintenance becomes impossible to schedule in. It ends up as a 'nice to have' objective as seemingly more pressing daily tasks take precedence.

However, there's one type of data documentation you shouldn't ignore - Metadata.

What is Metadata?

Put simply, metadata is data about data. It is an at-a-glance, top line data menu that helps you understand what data is available to you.

Stored in a repository, an up-to-date Metadata repository will give business decision-makers the tools for finding their data requirements quickly and accurately. Metadata can be used to track a data item's progress through the system or through a number of systems, it can give an overview of how the data transforms and where its final destination is.

Who benefits from having Metadata in place?

Metadata - the font of all knowledge?

We think so, yes. Metadata should be the repository of all knowledge about a company's systems, and it should be accessible and usable by all involved in business decision-making and development.

How Data Coach can help you

Data Coach sets up the Metadata repository for your company, populating it and we can also highlight any inconsistencies found, allowing you to clear out the deadwood.

Update outdated data the Data Coach way

Legacy systems are the scourge of modern business, where outdated data sits - mostly unused, mostly untrusted, and mostly costing business money. Even when Legacy Systems are in current use, data can be held on computers running merely for access to the data they contain. Any increase in cost or resource is not good business sense, when there is a solution to all legacy systems - data warehousing.

What do all legacy systems have in common?

The one thing that all legacy systems have in common is that they are outdated and on machines or aged software most companies would prefer not to run or maintain.

Data Warehousing solves the problem of Legacy Systems

By gathering the data from a redundant system and placing it in a more modern and maintainable database, Data Coach sets up new Data Warehousing techniques that allow your legacy data to be merged with any current data so it's useful, reliable and accessible, and all on the same system.

Avoid Data De-duplication

Another major problem with Legacy systems is aligning the data held with a company's current data. When this isn't addressed, it creates data duplication and therefore:

Choose when to keep, when to delete

Data Coach can also help advise you on the amount of data you're keeping and for how long you need to keep it for, using data aggregation techniques that can be stored offline in case it is needed for retrieval.

Data Cleansing

Whilst your Legacy Systems are being 'warehoused', Data Coach gives you the opportunity to clean up your data and map it to current data. These 'data maps' aid Developers to create the right structure required for your new data warehouse.

Data Analysis

Data Coach helps you create robust and reliable systems through definitive data analysis. Take control over data integrity, growth and seemingly impossible systems and contact the data experts for definitive data analysis.

How many companies have real & total confidence in their systems and the output they produce? The answer is, not that many. Data Coach analyses a company's system, breaking down the data flows, the inputs, the transactions, the outputs and flags any areas for concern. Our analysts map your entire data lifecycle, giving you a complete, holistic overview of how your systems interact.

What does Data Analysis do?

At Data Coach we use a system of data analysis which puts constraints in place that:

Trust Data Coach for the complete picture

We can come in with no prior knowledge or prejudice of your Systems, we are not influenced by internal politics or motivation - we simply provide an unbiased, coherent overview of data sources, feeds, repositories and outlets.

Getting a clean bill of data health

Once this mapping is complete, Data Coach highlights any areas of concern, processes with inadequate error handling, inputs with little or no constraints, outputs which give potentially invalid information and areas of security breaches. At this point Data Coach can help guide you to the best solution for your data issues.

Contact us now for daily rates and excellent value block booking discounts.

Information Assurance

Keeping data integrity is in our ethos. We offer a deeper analysis of a company's system, at a level where Data Integrity and Information Assurance issues are examined and reported.

What does Data Integrity look at?

Here is a selection of the next-level approach Data Coach prepares for you when we're asked to examine information assurance:

It's all about visibility

As well as data profiling a current system, Data Coach offers many other solutions. Talk to us about: Interested in knowing more about Data Coaching ? Get in touch. Please call us now on +44 (0) 800 157 7519 or email datacoach@seercomputing.com with your requirements and one of the team will be delighted to help.

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