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The Periodicals and Papers App (PAPA)

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Changing the way you present your data in the digital age

The use of Apps is becoming increasingly important for information and news dissemination.

This is particularly true for the younger generation but all generations are embracing using handsets to keep up with news instead of reading the printed word

The PAPA Solution has been created to give a highly customisable App for publishing your news and articles but importantly it is a template with all the many components already created and ready to be published, therefore saving lead time and development costs.

"Just add data"? …

not quite, but we have the expertise to incorporate your data into our system, with over 30 years of Database experience

We'll talk more about your data when we arrange a conference call or come to your offices to make a presentation about the PAPA solution

What does the PAPA solution have as standard ?

Scrolling list in an App
Menu options
Selection of colours and fonts
Example of help in an App
Each article can be searched within the App
Articles can be scrolled
Articles can contain images, videos and links to websites
You provide the data and we will incorporate it into an App

Customisations ?

Well, aside from custom menus, colours, article layout, fonts etc what more can be added to the stock solution ? Here are a few ideas and suggestions …

Having decided on publishing via an App, what can Seer Computing offer you ?

Aside from using the PAPA solution as the base product with the potential customisations listed as above, Seer Computing offer the following as part of their standard professional approach to your App … In addition Seer Computing can offer a varying scale of support for your App ranging from image re-profiling, multilingual support to proof reading

Contact Seer Computing to discuss your requirement, our initial consultation can discuss suitability, time-scales, cost and outline design.

All of the previous examples featured the Android version of the PAPA solution, the video below runs briefly through the iPhone (iOS) version ...

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