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Bespoke App Development at Seer Computing

By the end of 2021 the number of people with smartphones is predicted to be 2.5 billion, how many of those people will be looking at an App of yours ?

You may have already been thinking about creating an App and suddenly realise the specialist skills needed to create them is expensive with a high and steep learning curve, not to mention the maintenance, submission to the App Stores and of course advertising on Google and Bing.

The problem may be you are an expert in your own field but don't know where to start getting an App built, well that's where Seer Computing come in, we are the geeks to get the App built for you

Apps come in all shapes and sizes; games, utilities, leisure, business to name but a few types of application and exist on two main Operating Systems, Android and iOS, Seer Computing concentrates its talents on these two platforms.

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General Comments

Here we discuss various aspects of Apps and Seer's approach to them

App Platforms

Seer can build and synchronise Apps on the two main operating system, iOS and Android, either or both (the norm)

Production Timescales

We will agree 'go live' date before production commences and stick to them, we have intimate knowledge of the man effort needed to create the product and will Project manage our production and your content.

Language Variants

If the App needs to be in additional languages Seer can facilitate the translations, or incorporate your translations

Visual impaired

Apps can be created with variable text sizes to allow the reader to adjust the view to their requirement.

Dynamic Text example


Images, audio, links and videos can be incorporated into the App as well as text


Example of HTML colours
Android and Apple version side by side Example of Icon sizes
Android and Apple version side by side

Security in Apps

Security can be broken down into the following areas ...
  1. Internal Apps - their distribution is limited to a Company therefore no-one outside the Company can access the information, as a double safety feature when a Database is involved only installations of the App with the correct internal numbering will be able to access the data
  2. Members only section - A publically available App can be created with a member login section for more information etc ...
  3. Registration only - An App can be downloaded but its contents are not available unless the User registers their details, a further detail could be the registration can be checked against a list of agreed Users
  4. No security - The default, whoever downloads the App from the appropriate App Store can see all of its features

Adverts in Apps

A potential source of income, these pop up adverts for other Companies can be a double edged sword, we can configure your App with adverts but the App cannot be sold they need to be made free on the stores, unless your App is a Newspaper / Magazine with thousands of Users per day the irritation of Ads popping up may out-way the revenue received from them.

Example of App with Advert

Dynamic or static Apps

A self contained App has information which doesnt need to be updated can be created as a static App, basically this is the most economical approach to an app as an external database will not need to be maintained, the downside is that the App will need to be released each time a change is made to the data, this would not be a problem if the App is a catalogue or a reference module.

Static Apps do not need wifi access / network connection to function

A Dynamic App is the most flexible of the designs in that the details within the App can be updated by changing information in the Database, the App will download the changes the next time it is opened on the handset/tablet, this design suits applications with articles etc, the downside is that the external Database will need to be maintained and therefore there is an additional workload.

Dynamic Apps will need wifi access / network connection to download new information
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App Development for Companies / Organisations

Why choose Seer Computing ?

Seer Computing has been in existence since 2000, its an established Computer Consultancy specialising in Database systems, when you design and build Databases such as Oracle, SQLite and MySQL you should create fantastic front ends to go with them, nowadays the front ends are created with Java, PHP, HTML and of course Apps.

Android Apps use Android Studio with Java and XML lanaguages, modern iOS Apps use XCode with Swift and a smidgeon of Objective-C.

Seer Computing are experts in these products, couple that with our professional approach to Projects and you have a winning combination.

We believe that a Company App can be either internal (in-house app) or external or with the appropriate security elements, a combination of both

What can you use your app for ?

Well the sky's the limit, but here are a few suggestions ...
  1. Store / Office locations with GPS
  2. Current news and information
  3. Product information
  4. Contact information
  5. Instructive videos for installation of products
  6. Operating Instructions for products
  7. Exclusive sale details
  8. Diary details
  9. Statistics, facts and figures
  10. Appointment booking
  11. Management Information, facts and figures
  12. Salesperson support

Internal or External App ?


Maybe you need to have a mobile app for your Employees to access important information, input data or perform business calculations when away from the office. Apps can be installed 'locally' on machines without using the App stores, with secure access to Database information shared only within your Organisation, confidential information can be published on the App


Having a website is just the first step to communicating with your Clients, customers and associates, an App will allow you to rapidly publish information and notify the App Users that you have updated the App

An App is carried by the owner 24/7 on their phone, it is there as a constant link to your Company and will serve as a reminder of your existence, what other promotional product can guarantee that ?

What do you want in your App ? Contact us at apps@seercomputing.com or complete the form at the bottom of this page ...
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App Development for Individuals

One of the frustrations of being creative is sometimes you conceive the ideas but not have the abilities to actually create the concept. We can help you make your brainchild a reality

Design and Analysis stage

Consultation sessions will be subject to a non-disclosure agreement so that protects your intellectual property, if you are really concerned that your product is the new Facebook or Tinder then we would advise you to register the idea via a solicitor before disclosing the concept to any third party, any idea that you come to us with must be your original concept

The design stage is when we will evaluate your concept and break down the steps necessary before production can commence, this will be followed by a formal agreement based on that evaluation

Production stage

Adhering to agreed timescales Seer Computing will manage the App project making sure all tasks are completed and signed off, you can test production stages at agreed intervals

Release stage

Once the App has been completed on both platforms to your satisfaction and signed off, Seer Computing will submit the App to Google and the Apple Play store

Maintenance and Lifespan stage

It may well be that the App has a natural lifespan, an App to promote a Concert in the next year will obviously be redundant following the event taking place, some Apps however can be valid for years, the maintenance of these will be agreed during the Design and Analysis stage, this is particularly important when taking into account new releases of the Operating Systems.


Location is not a problem, we are based in South Wales but following an initial consultation most matters can be resolved via telephone and email, the only exception to this would be the production of images and video, Seer Computing has a mobile studio facility which enables us to produce high quality video and pictures. If you can produce your own high definition media we are more than happy to incorporate that, our editing facilities will ensure consistency and quality


There are a number of different ways that we can fund the construction of your App
  1. If you are able you can pay us by the time and materials method, this means you keep all the profits from the product
  2. Current news and information
  3. A partnership between Seer and yourself, if we evaluate the idea and no funding is possible we may agree a percentage split of any profits in order to get the concept into production
  4. Private/Public funding, again if we evaluate the idea but it is of such a nature that time and materials will be high we will associate with you to produce a bid for external funding
So get in touch, we can discuss your concept and plan the execution of its build
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