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Java 1.9 Programming with Eclipse Oxygen
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Java Training courses from Seer Computing

Why Java?

Java is the critical coding skill for any Developer wishing to grow their commercial potential and keep a competitive edge in today's market. Fast becoming the standard programming language used across all kinds of enterprise, it is a vast and rich system. That's why having more than a cursory knowledge of the concepts of Java programming is essential for the serious IT professional.

Need a solid grounding in the Java toolset?

Hands-on experience is vital with such a functionally rich product, that's why at a Seer training course, delegates spend over 50% of their specialist IT training course using Java in practical and stimulating exercises supported by our experienced trainers. Each topic is introduced and developed with working code, written by our own consultants. Each course page is complete with the index of the course.

Come to Seer for best in class Java training

We have tailored our Java training courses to maximise the learning experience for anyone wishing to learn more about Java. Our best in class IT training courses are geared towards those who are new to the world of Java programming, for those with entry-level knowledge, and for those with a reasonable knowledge of the concepts of Java programming.

All our courses can be run as onsite training whereas some are also available as public training courses. Our popular onsite training means we bring everything to you. We take charge of the quick set-up, delivering hands-on courses with all the relevant training materials at your chosen place of work.

Onsite training can be the least disruptive to a busy schedule and can be far more cost-effective than leaning on budgets for extra travel costs for a group of delegates. We believe that any corporate training should be at an all-inclusive price, so ours is. There's no hidden extras, contact us about setting up some valuable onsite training.

When there's only yourself or a colleague to be trained, you might find it's more cost-effective to attend one of our public training courses which take place across the year at all major UK and Irish cities from London to Edinburgh, Birmingham to Dublin. Click here to find your next public IT training course.

How to book

Simply email us at or call us on +44 (0) 800 157 7519. We're here to get your requirement right. You'll get same day quote request returns and a guarantee that we don't badger you about any enquiry.
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