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Opening up the world of Oracle

Oracle Training Courses

Seer Computing offers specialist Oracle training for diverse clients across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Browse our list of popular Oracle training courses in the menu, these include ... SQL, PLSQL, Discoverer and Oracle Forms and click here to find your next public training course or talk to us about easy onsite training.

SQL Training Courses

What is SQL?

SQL is Structured Query Language, pronounced 'sequel' or by its letters, SQL is a language specifically written for Users, Developers and Administrators to communicate with a Database. SQL can be used for querying records from the Database, inserting and updating records as well as creating objects. Objects can be as simple as Tables, Views or Sequences, or as sophisticated as the Database itself.

By its very name, its structure is very formalised and has strict programming conventions, its syntax will seem pretty unforgiving to the User attempting to learn the SQL language without proper guidance and training.

SQL Training from Seer Computing

Seer Computing offer training in Oracle SQL at a variety of different levels, for the occasional user right up to the professional Developer. Use the menu to navigate to the course you require. Courses are available in SQL Developer as well as command line development

Oracle Developer Training Courses

What is PLSQL?

PLSQL or Procedural Language SQL is essentially Oracle's extended programming language created to allow Developers to perform tasks not normally possible with one single SQL statement. This includes techniques such as looping, error handling, validation and sophisticated inserting and updating of Database records.

In addition, PLSQL is used to create Database program units such as Triggers, Procedures and Functions, essential objects to ensure Database integrity.

What is Oracle Forms?

Oracle Forms is a front end application designed to give Developers total control over Users and their access to an Oracle Database. Originally created with simple top down data fields for Users to query, create and amend records, latest versions of the product contains elements such as Tree Hierarchies, Check boxes, Radio Groups.

Complete systems can be built using Oracle Forms and Reports, and a lot of the functionality within Oracle Forms is created using built-in PLSQL objects, We therefore recommend the delegates attend the Essential PLSQL course before taking an Oracle Forms course.

Since version 9i of Oracle Forms the product can only be run via a web browser, necessitating the use of Oracle's Application Server, Forms 6i can be used via the browser or installed on individual user's PCs

What is Oracle Reports?

Oracle Reports is a product designed to produce reports from an Oracle Database with accuracy and consistency, no matter how many times it is run or against any size Database.

A sophisticated program, Oracle Reports can be programmed to produce output in a variety of different styles from printable text to XML. In addition by using the build-in PLSQL, changes can be made to the Database when a report is run for auditing purposes for example.

Oracle Discoverer Training Courses

What is Discoverer?

Discoverer is an ad hoc reporting tool produced by Oracle to allow Users to access the Database using a GUI front end similar in style to Microsoft Excel, although with increased functionality similar in structure to SQL.

Oracle Discoverer can be rolled out to Users by using the 'Plus' version (accessed with a browser which needs the use of the Oracle Application Server) or by using 'Desktop', installed on individual's PCs.

No previous experience of Databases or SQL is needed to learn to use Oracle Discoverer, however some aspects of the Discoverer product are easier to use (or dont have to rely on the Administrator) if the User has some SQL knowledge.

Although ad hoc at the User side, Oracle Discoverer needs to be set up and maintained by a Discoverer Administrator using the Discoverer Administrator product to control access and the view of the Database for Users using an End User Layer.

Discoverer Training from Seer Computing

Seer Computing runs Discoverer training courses for Users, Developers and Administrators. We've been supporting Discoverer End User Layers since Discoverer 3.1, through Discoverer 4i, Discoverer 9i, Discoverer 10g and now our latest courses are for Discoverer 11g.

Three types of standard courses are available:

- The two-day course for Developers and Users in either the web-based version; Discoverer Plus, or the client based version in Discoverer Desktop.

- Three-day Discoverer Administrator course - develops the End User Layers to the highest standard of usability and professionalism and we offer comprehensive consultancy following the courses. As with all our Discoverer courses, when presented onsite, Seer Computing can customise the content to suit your requirements.

Choose the course length and securely use data pertinent to your Company. Click here to find out more about onsite Discoverer training.
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