Control Management

Control Management is an essential part of software maintenance and development.

At Seer Computing we view Control Management in two separate areas of concern ...

Version Control is the accurate tracking and recording of changes to software and Generic Control is the applying of centralisation of coding to ensure low impact when changes are made.

Generic Control

It is essential to keep the impact of changes to a Computer System and its front end as minimal as possible, there are many techniques in IT to ensure new releases cause minimum disruption.

Our Consultants have a great deal of experience in this area and they can advise the best configuration of your system to achieve this.

Version Control

Version control management is an essential part of software development. Even in the smallest development environments, accurately tracking and recording changes to project files is critical. Tracking these changes with version control software gives you access to them at any time.

Version control management is the process of organising and managing changes to the components of your organisation's development work. Using a suitable software package, archives are created containing information about each revision of the file, allowing members of your development team to retrieve, modify, and return any revision of a file in a safe, organised and consistent manner.

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