Data Warehousing

A Data Warehouse is a collection of company data, derived directly from an operational MIS (Management information system) combined with some environmental data from external sources. External data sources can vary from anything such as demographic data to weather cycles.

Access is normally provided through rich end user tools (Such as Oracle Discoverer or Business Objects), where users can access reports and analyse data in order to make informed strategic decisions. Its specific purpose is to support business decisions and not business operations.

In order to survive in today's constantly changing environment, business must be able to sift though the vast amounts of data that is available to them (internal and external data) in order to make informed strategic decisions. There is a clear correlation between successful companies and successful decision making.

There is no doubt that a successfully operating Data Warehouse can be a clear competitive advantage to a company (Information is, after all power).

MIS Consultancy

Seer Computing's MIS consultancy team have experience of building Data Warehouses right through the project life cycle. We are experienced in the design, building, operation and maintenance of both Data Warehouses and data marts.

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