Legacy System Conversion

Organisations are continuing to convert from older database systems to more reliable, robust and technologically up to date database systems, such as Oracle.

There are many reasons why organisations choose to upgrade from legacy systems to Oracle. Some of the most popular are:
Converting from a legacy system to Oracle can be a complex, difficult and time-consuming process. Seer Computing's consultancy and development teams have extensive experience of converting legacy systems to Oracle.

When working on conversion projects, Seer Computing's methodology is to split the project into two distinct stages, Analysis and Implementation.

System Analysis

Our Oracle consultancy team will complete a detailed analysis of your needs to ascertain exactly what you require of your new system. The analysis will include exactly what the new system needs to replicate and also any additional features and functions that you expect from it. Our consultants will then liase with the development team to make sure that the analysis is correct, deliverable in the time scales required and within the specified budget.

The analysis is the most important part of any legacy conversion. In order for the project to be successful, the client has to agree with the specification from consultancy team. With this agreement, the project has a framework that is agreed by both parties.

System Implementation

Most successful implementations are carried out in incremental stages. Seer's development team adopt this strategy and deliver the new Oracle system is a series of stages, starting with the initial test version and ending with the agreed finished version. Just how many incremental stages depends on the size of the project but we have learned that by delivering systems incrementally is easier on clients as they get to see and use the system as it progresses.

Once the system is actually delivered the project is not finished. Successful legacy conversion projects are the ones where there is an ongoing commitment between both parties. Typically this is in the form of on-site training, change management seminars and periodic system health checks.

We also offer a non-integrated legacy conversions service which splits the project into component parts such as:
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